Winter Clothing Drive

About Humanity Winter Clothing Drive 2014

Every winter we volunteers collect clothes from all over the Chandigarh city and also the states nearby and handover the collected clothes to the needy people who are shivering from the cold and the warmth provided by your donations will save their life and this small deed will rejuvenate your soul as well as preserve their faith in Humanity.

Food Distribution

Nitin rai with slum Kids

Nitin Rai Chaudhary, my close friend was an inspiration in creating this epic Campaign and these creatives. His strategies helped us to reach more and more people. I sincerely thank him for that, because I moved to the different city, our collaboration for the welfare the society if on hold at present, but hopefully, we will resume it even on a bigger scale in future.

Food Distribution

Shanel with the Kids

Shanel, a traveller from the west, came to explore India (the Spiritual East), she expressed her wish to feed the deprived kids of India. She had "Tears of Joy" after this selfless act.

Humanity knows No Nationality, No Religion & No Country. Kind people respond whenever they see suffering. 

Contact us, if u wish to 'GIVE BACK to the Society' as we do.... we volunteers provide free services and have established a network of youngsters who will help you in the food and clothes distribution. Feel free to reach us

Winter Clothing Drive

Clothing Drive (1)

It's challenging to convince people that we will collect clothes and handover to the kids in the slum! People are mostly suspicious that it is a scam or something. Still, we did our best and even shared so many pics so that people believe us.