(Read Book)     Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman 

This book is remarkable, the way he expressed love in its purest form (‘even if its for the same gender’, i apologize to mention it but my intent is just to point out that “it was little difficult for me to Imagine) and also shown the obsessive and physical side along with a very strong desire to preserve all the memories. Please don’t consider movie as substitute because its not half as good as the book.
Those of us who are looking for hope may not find it in this book, it might prepare you for harsh realities of life.

(Read Poems)  Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.

it’s not easy to write such bold views and raise voice against such immoral acts. I don’t read poems but I say go for this one, u will not regret it

Watch Movie) Siddhartha(1972)

Based on the book written by Hermann Hesse, the book is one of the best spiritual books ever written and movie is equally good because of the Indianism. These days people lack patience for reading so i say go for the Movie, i guess message is way bigger than the medium. 

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