words by -  Nobody

Wait for the people who left me
Wait for the return of Love
Although they said they would return never
But will I stop waiting ever
Life has forced me to leave a few behind
Will they forgive me and be kind
Wait for a friend to get free
Wait for the others to console me
Wait for the life to stop hitting me
Wait for the universe to notice
Whenever I open my heart
People do not reciprocate 
They say I am naive
Will, I ever become wise
Do we actually have time to nurture a relationship
Or will we always prefer to change the person and enjoy the skip
I am always expected to be available
But will I ever find anyone who will wait for  me.


words by -  Smridhi

art by @maniacodamore

Tell me about your lovers,
Can you count them on fingers ?

Tell me about your heartbreak.
Oh does it still ache ?

Tell me about the book you couldn't write,
Tell me your emotions and their plight.

Maybe, a colour that you love

--I hope it is white.

Tell me about the conquest and defeat.
Maybe, your favourite food or a record you play on repeat.

Tell me all there is -- from dreamless days

and sleepless nights.

Tell me all there is -- from a thousand lives lived

or the one you died.


words by-  Smridhi

Art by @endmion1

Curtains in the room
Curtains to the world.
What do we hide from?
What do we not seek?
Curtains in the room
Curtains to the world
We won't let the summer in
And winter would not take a peek.
Open thy spaces
Open thy heart
Let life flood in
Tear those curtains apart.
Curtains in the room
Curtains to the world
Oh when they no longer exist,
You and I may see
that only love and love persist......



Words by-  Nobody

Art by- Edvard Munch (fineartamerica.com)

I wish I could keep you always 
but then the relation is kept alive both ways.
before you many came
but i know things will never stay the same
you are not a wild animal that i can tame.
my dreams are gone
and you are still full of hope.
i have reached to the extreme
and you are still trying to balance in the middle.
i am scarred for life
and you are a partially clean slate.
i am full of aggression
and you preach compassion.
i wanna be nobody
and you wanna become somebody.
We are the stream running opposite
you are a soft heart of clay and i am concrete.
More  i try not to jeopardize the situation
the sooner i ruin the connection
Maybe i am just a part in your life
but with you i become whole .
Doesn't matter how you define this relation
for me essential is this human connection.
I wish i could keep you always
but then relation is kept alive both ways


Words by-  Nobody

Art by-    Anton Darius | @theSollers

I am I and You are you 
You can’t be me and I can’t be you 
 Still why do we bother
To try to change each other
Even if it's possible
 Will I still be desirable
Then what will I become 
Your equal or your disciple
Obviously I will sink beneath
And you will float
Then you might say “I am your creation
And I might feel I am a figment of your imagination
Maybe it will change our relation
And disrupt our connection
I will not love you if you become me
Because for myself I am filled with hate
Tell me why did you fall in love with me in the first place
Was it because of who I was or for what I could become 
such is our love so vulnerable



Words by-  Nobody

Art by-    _Vane_ (pixabay.com)

Yes I am growing
No more allegations I am throwing

I don’t cry when people leave me
I don’t speak back when people insult me

I am silent when people feel disappointed
I don’t question when I am rejected

I just wander on-road and in train
Waiting for things to happen

Clinging to my dreams as it is
Assuming the world is like this

Hoping for Life to get better
It can’t stay worse forever

Yes this is the only way I know
And I have nowhere else to go

Do tell if I am wrong
Even if you are a stranger or some known

Let me know if I project the wrong image
Wanna know how others see me

Because who will say if not you
Nothing more you can do

Because I am not whom you knew before
Better or worse that is for you to decide

I guess I am growing
No more allegations I am throwing

@  About Humanity