Marriage or Merger

When a family collaborate with the family of the same ‘class and religion’ for the benefit of both the families, what do we call it Merger or Marriage ?

Almost every couple who had fallen in love are supposed to hear this from their parents atleast once or many times during their lifetime depending on the psyche of their parents. 

They say “love is not enough, we have to live in society, love will fade away”. But whats the actual reason that they are so anti against love marriages

Probably its because that we are unable to accept the decisions taken by other, parents who created and nourished their kids, wish to choose the spouse for them. Because their experience of the world is greater.

On the other hand, younsters want to make their own decisions because its their life. They should be given the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes and grow mature. Maturity doesn’t come with age rather it comes with learning. 

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