Calculative Love & Relationships


“We can't refute that most of our relationships are based on the ‘calculations’ we do to maintain the depth and intensity of that relationship”

People do not want to move out of their comfort zone so they start keeping the track of the things they DO, on the request of others. I am not saying its intentional, may its the Defence Mechanism of our mind or may be its because of our tainted upbringing. The reason is different for every individual but we all must find our reasons for such behaviour else we might lose all the people we care for !!

Its not fair to maintain relationships as per our 'OWN CONVENIENCE' or to go things SUITABLE to us. In my opinion our connection with another Human is our crucial source to shake our thoughts because our selfishness may not be visible to us but others might point it out. Probably 'Selfless Relationships' will exist in utopia but if we can at least be Transparent about our thoughts and follow the high moral values of our soul the we will create the aura  where peaceful living is possible.

Life is dynamic and so is our connection with the universe and we need to be aware of every word that comes out our mouth and every step we take, in order to not to disturb the balance of people around us.

Meetings with the Spiritual Wanderers

As  always I try my level best to touch the soul of other spiritual people, even on marriages and other social gatherings I take the initiative to talk to people, because that’s the only way I know for my personal growth and emotional stability, people mostly tell me about their genuine feelings and dilemma’s and I vent my worries and questions to these strangers. I really want people to be blunt and speak the truth otherwise its not meaningful.

“People underestimate the change I want within me, everyday I question customs, social norms, career, marriage, physical needs, fake relations & many more” Spirituality according to me is the sensitivity of the soul, i want to break all the restrictions imposed on me by the society. I am tired of being told “what to do & how to do it”… I want to free my soul from worries like (what others will think about me). Now I want to follow my heart to reach to as many people as possible, irrespective of gender, location and age difference. I guess its time for me to increase the pace of my transformation, as people pointed out that I will evolve just like rest of us. I will continue to be like this, as long as I am not affecting another soul, because that will disturb the balance of the environment around me and I might sink in my cocoon again, no doubt solitude can help me in revealing the layers of jealousy, hatred that I have harboured over the years because of my limited understanding of all the experiences that occurred in my life. But to see the profoundness I need people to share their enlightentment.

“Its not easy to see the futility of the things

when the entire world is doing it !! 

I try not to be offended if the other person do not reciprocate the feeling, because not everyone during these events is interested in a serious talk about the “Meaning of Life” or “Why to Live”, but even if one person respond I feel the contentment and it encourages me to go on a larger scale because I am trying to create transparent world around where people can talk without any hesitation and obstacles in their mind. I do not want anybody  to wear the mask of happiness even if they are sulking from Inside. I guess it feels better to express your Emotions at that particular moment rather than repressing it for a later release, probably later u might create a bubble which might burst any minute and which might do more harm.