Unaware parents

When a child is born in Indian family the first thing that occupies the mind of the family members is ‘resemblance’. Every feature of the new born baby is compared within family like hair is like grandmother, fingers like grandfather, skin color on mother and ‘pakora’ nose of father. Next big thing is deciding the name of the baby. Suggestions from distant relatives are called, so that they don’t get annoyed that even their participation was unsolicited. Although, the suggestions of close relatives are considered. Finally the name is assigned to the new soul, and all the relatives are anxious to know whose suggestion is finally chosen.

Child subconsciously examines the behavior of parents and relates it to the sounds. When a kid sees father or mother, shouting and breaking thing then he learns the way to show anger and frustration. This learning stays all through their life.

Religion is inculcated depending on the dogma of the family and praying one or more form of god is passed as cultural inheritance and a thought is planted in the innocent mind of the kid that thinking about any other god is a sin. The kid starts following the traditions blindly. Attitude of the family becomes the attitude of the new born and when children  join school then parents compare their result with their friends which germinate the seed of competition/envy and bear a poisonous fruit known as ‘concept of individuality’. This method of self evaluation is the root cause of failed relationships of husband-wife, father-son, within family & friends. Even brothers & sisters are fighting because there is no collective thinking.

Schools leave no stone unturned to program the minds of young children that life is a race and if you will stop running then you will lose. Fear from future is transferred and only solution to this self -created problem is to have a secured job. First we run to have a job and then we waste our rest of life to protect it. Mr. J Krishnamurti said “whole world is concerned about outer security what about inner security” .

The question we need to ask ourselves is that our belief, judgment, opinion are the consequence of our personal experience or merely acceptance from family & friends. Challenging our own mind can help us get rid of conditioning and second school of thought suggested  by Mr. J Krishnamurti is when teacher as well as student accept that they both our conditioned & sit together to discuss conditioning.


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