The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

Another book that will make you question the way we live life,  well Harold, a retired guy who felt unappreciated and disappointed everyone decides to take an extraordinary journey and while this walk he unfolds the different layers of his past and one by one untangle his life.  I highly recommend it to all the […]

Unaware parents

When a child is born in Indian family the first thing that occupies the mind of the family members is ‘resemblance’. Every feature of the new born baby is compared within family like hair is like grandmother, fingers like grandfather, skin color on mother and ‘pakora’ nose of father. Next big thing is deciding the […]

Marriage or Merger

When a family collaborate with the family of the same ‘class and religion’ for the benefit of both the families, what do we call it Merger or Marriage ? Almost every couple who had fallen in love are supposed to hear this from their parents atleast once or many times during their lifetime depending on […]