Career is Worst Human Invention

Right from the childhood I was told to become someone, obviously my parents wanted to announce in the society when I scored merit or got admission in Delhi University but with my every achievement their expectation got bigger and so was my Dreams.

To be honest while keeping up with the Rat Race I realized that I am postponing my happiness. Present is no more and it’s all about Future. I skipped most festivals, ceremonies & even cremations these are the occasions when family share thick and thins.

This was my Student life in which Education was making me SELFISH instead of Being SENSITIVE. It was my assumption that when I am working it will be better but it became worse. Going home was a distant dream rather I never had time to even talk to my parents for 5 minutes. Always engrossed in some or the other trouble, stressful work environment, authoritarian boss, leg pulling colleagues, unethical actions of the company and worst of all was surviving alone in this Alien Metropolitan, where everyone is concerned with himself. All these factors forced me to ask this question to myself.

Is this worth ?

Recently my dreams were shattered when I read that these unfair things can happen even in leading MNC’s, I used to consider these Multi Nationals corporates an exception, where my so called Utopia of having ‘Work Life’ balance  might be possible. But unfortunately its our destiny to land up in useless job and protect it from other Ambitious people and also maintain our external Security whereas internally we are so INSECURE.

Irony is “Its all about package and not personal growth”

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