Books Review

Bewilderment by Richard Powers


Although I don't prefer books with too much science, somehow, this one manages to hold my interest despite the odds. The beginning was a bit slow, but once the characters are established, it creates the natural world and maintains the sincerity in the incidents, so you never feel that it's too far stretched.

I highly recommend it to all those who wish to bring a new life into this world soon.

Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel


Another genius lived a difficult life! I often find books that prove so many supremely talented people were mistreated in the past. I am filled with sympathy for him. Although the book is written in a very monotonous tone, the story itself is interesting; that kept me going till the end.

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

Maybe in life there comes a time when you accept living in disgrace, even if your life is upside down and you achieve fame, then also your unable to change your opinion about urself.

I felt this while reading teacher man, listening to his hardships and how he cursed himself and was thrown out of many schools. Was anything left in him to be proud of?

I connect with his writings maybe because I have tried teaching myself and know the mischief of students and politics of people in authority in such institutions. 

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro



Ishiguro's writing tends to transport you into the new world. This time it's the future in which AF, which means artificial friends (robots) used to help teenagers provide comfort and company. He has always written things relevant to the present century, and probably that's what makes him unique. Even in this book, human emotions are so beautifully compiled in a simplistic manner that you can't find the courage to keep the book down.

Must read for everyone

Solaris by Stanislaw Lem

I had no idea that how people come up with such creative ideas to express human emotions. Fiction may not be true; still, it widens your horizons to the next level. It also proves that it doesn't matter where you are, but sooner or later, you have to face your inner demons. There is no way you can escape the long-suppressed memories. Life can never be complete unless you harmonize with all the situations that bumped into you.

Keeping yourself occupied today will only delay your transformation, but at some point, this drastic change in you will come forcefully, if not voluntarily. In my opinion, it's best to work on your emotional stability daily rather than waiting for life to corner you.

Tales from Firozsha Baag by Rohinton Mistry

He is the writer of the book ' a fine balance,' which is still one of the best books I ever read, and my mind refuses to forget the story and disappointment of that boy.

These stories often give glimpses of the sentimental streak that is the forte of Rohinton Mistry. Some stories are very touching, and he did manage to create a Firozsha bag in my mind, and every character is peculiar and is defined in depth. The best part was the way he interconnected these stories.

Recommended only for the short story lovers and beginners

Life and Times of Michael K by J.M. Coetzee

Michael K is added to the list of favorite protagonists. There is something about Coetzee's writing that I can't stop reading his books and am always willing to know more about his view of the world. I believe his writing is profound, inspiring, and apt for a person searching for the reason for his existence.

First they killed my Father by Loung Ung

Every memoir is someone's story, and she went through so many dreadful things at an early age which is beyond my capacity to digest. God only knows how these kids survive under such conditions and what they become, and how they live the rest of their life after that.

Step by step, her thoughts and fears are so aptly described that the flow of the book continues. It's a good one time read

The Picture of Dorain Gray by Oscar Wilde

I do not know what to say about this book, and it has ups and downs; there were times when I felt extremely bored with his philosophies which I didn't understand, and the ones I understood were enlightening.
It's not easy to read this book, and I doubt most of today's readers will like it. The world of books has increased tremendously, and we do not have to stick to the classics.

top five regrets of dying by Bronnie Ware

I connected with this book because I had very similar experiences. It has helped me to release some long-suppressed emotions which were becoming a burden over the years. Bronnie has reminded me of my last days with my dying father, who was craving emotional support from me. Presently, my mother is also diagnosed with a terminal illness and requires the same support. Lastly, I, who is witnessing this and is on the way to becoming an orphan, also need emotional help. Now, if everyone will expect, then who will provide this so-called emotional support?

This has been my dilemma over the years, but after reading this, I am relieved and have developed an understanding that it is just a process. Books are often written for entertainment purposes but sometimes Books like these are created to uplift human consciousness.

I am sure that you will surely reshape your life once you read these dying people's regrets. Such is the impact of this book

Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler

This book is epic, in my opinion. Although the events are long gone but still the psyche and the thought process of the protagonist Rubashov is written with so much perfection that it is apt even today. Some books are written, and others are lived by writers, and this is one such book that Arthur Koestler has given his soul that is the very reason that its alive even today and touching the lives of many like me.

Truly inspirational and mind-boggling work. unforgettable in so many ways

Zorba the Greek by Nikos

I am amazed by the ability of such writers to say so much through their books. Buddha word suffice my spiritual quests, and now that he has woven a story including the teachings of the Buddha makes it even better. He has done justice in every way possible.

I am becoming greedy to make every writer's experience my own. So I am reading books like a maniac. I hope this is not an escape from my monotonous life. I wish I could control this irresistible hunger for books. Just like the Nikos said, " I want to chew all the books and then spit it in my book and get rid of it."

Not everyone can relish books like these because you have to develop a spiritual quest to understand the content shared in this book thoroughly. This book soothed my spirit.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

This is one of the most extraordinary war stories ever written. When POW returned home, I couldn't hold my tears.

With Louis Zamperini's struggle, I realized how much a person could tolerate the torture and still emerge as a shining star in the aftermath. In his situation, anyone would lose hope, but he digested all the insults, and his hungry body didn't feed the thoughts of suicide. He is my hero.

Each individual must go through his journey at least once in a lifetime.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The theme of the book is so enlightening. God knows how many of us live under so many regrets in life, and if any book sets you free or attempts to make your life better, then it's always worth every second to invest in it.

It must be read, especially for those who are burdened by their decisions in the past and still can't stop wondering how their lives could have been on the OTHER SIDE.

Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart

This book is the 'great expectations' of today's world. Shuggie will go down in history along with all those famous characters that we all cherish. I always wonder how much a child can suffer even after that; how will a kid self teach himself to let go of the love that destroys him.

There must be billions like him who are born in poverty and lack guidance for education and other life lessons. Their survival is itself a miracle in the universe.

Must read, but only for avid book readers rest might lose interest in the middle!

Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

I don't know what to say about this memoir, and it feels good to read personal stories of these amateur writers, be it Tara Westover or Jeannette walls or now J D Vance; each one of these writers taught me to see life differently. J D says, "hillbillies have to fight hard just to get a shot.". In my opinion, children worldwide are fighting their battles; Malala is playing her part, so did Che, Trevor Noah, Benson Dang, Ayan Hirsi Ali, and many more. The struggle may differ, but each one has given us HOPE....

All those who are overcoming addiction or nursing addicts or getting abused or being bullied must read this book and believe that there is always light after the dark.

Speak, Memory  by Vladimir Nabokov

Reminiscences of childhood are precious to every living being, and who is better than the great writer Vladimir Nabokov.

In the beginning, the writer criticized Freud, and I knew that the writer of LOLITA could never withstand the psychological analysis of Sigmund Freud. I often wonder why "we bury ourselves in the past so much."

In brief, I had huge expectations from him, but this book is merely full of incidents, assumptions, prejudices, and lots and lots of characters.

I will not recommend it to anyone.

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

I always had my doubts that intelligence doesn't lead to emotional growth, and this book represents a very realistic picture of how society behaves toward vulnerable people. Every step of the protagonist stimulates the thought process, and it is beautifully written.

Must read this before you die or venture out in the world all by yourself.

The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara

A book that I avoided for so long because of its name, and now I feel I was a fool to do such a thing.
Che's journey on the road through the suffering in distant parts and his thoughts uplifted his soul and rejuvenated mine too. Before reading this book, I favored Ayn Rand's philosophy that individuals' achievement would help society grow that "Selfishness is a virtue." Still, somehow, Che's thoughts are more harmonious and more natural. His traveling in such poor conditions which lack the most necessities, yet he continued his path to social work and brought a positive change in so many lives throughout his life.

I am curious how his life's tree prospered as I can feel he had the best seeds our consciousness can offer.

The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe

"Falling in love with someone you can't have, and then you suffer from your unfulfilled desires & the grief of the separation."

this happened to most of us. The only difference is some of us convince ourselves that grapes are sour and others take extreme steps like our young Werther, but very few might be wise enough to see these desires come from the scarcity!

From a Mountain In Tibet by Lama Yeshi Rinpoche

It is wisely said that just because you are born in a religion doesn't mean u will grasp its true essence.
Lama Yeshi honest account of running away from Tibet, being a refugee in India, lastly, harbouring the conflicting idea under the influence of western culture.

Living life as an extreme often results in creating a balance I have heard, and at last, he obviously found the 'Middle Path' suggested by Buddha.

Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder

Writers continue to astonish me with their imagination and their writing. This book contains the learnings from over the years of philosophers. It is essential to raise questions about life, and every book does that is always worth your time.

Converting the textbook into fiction is, I guess, the best idea of the century. If I could, then I will give him a Nobel prize for it.

The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol

We all have come out of Gogol's creation. Each one of us has been bullied, alienated, laughed at, seen with disgust at times. The protagonist's story has been so minutely described as if we are living in his century, doing that menial job and surviving the harshness of colleagues.

Such stories can be used as a tool to sensitize people with sociopath tendencies.

Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls

Non- fiction stories are way better than fiction. Lily's life story will be an inspiration to every reader, her courage, her firmness with the society. She did not bend the rules for her convenience. Her conviction to pass on her morals to the kids is so strong that even I felt her desperation.

All this makes this book so lively and essential in today's world where married women are afraid to fight their inlaws, and unmarried women lack the guts to tell their family about their lovers, and all those who wish to develop independent thinking from books.

Go for this book, and you will indeed feel the change within you.

All Quiet on the Western Front

We civilians will never understand war unless we read books like these. This soldier's diary perfectly describes the aftermath of these wars on the victims and the futility of such events. On the whole, these nations fight, and innocent lives are lost.

I like the book even though it's a bit slow in the middle. Still, I developed sympathy for his suffering when he had to lie to his friend's mother and also when he felt he can't share his unsettling thoughts with his family.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Like Saramago's book 'blindness,' this book projected that our world would vanish once the system is crumpled. Hunger will make us mad or keep us sane in extreme circumstances when we have nothing to eat. Such thoughts do not come ordinarily unless such creations are brought forward.

This book has a soul because its made of father's enormous love for his son. I felt so emotional and missed my father a lot, especially when the protagonist was certain about his death and attempts to teach his son to survive without him. I highly recommend this book to every living person on this earth.

Devil's Advocate by Karan Thapar

The person whose existence I did not know before reading this book and whom I admire now for his courage to speak against the most powerful people in India and even in the world.

In the beginning, most of us are unable to hold ground on our integrity, but then there are some who do not even develop consciousness when it is the easiest thing to do.

This book stimulates so much thinking and emphasizes how much our politicians are desperate to keep their image clean. A must-read for every Indian.

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

I live in India, so I am not interested in the location of hostels, hotels, or the sheds' condition and all the rest of the history of the towns he crossed. I remember when I hiked in Nepal for a few hours, then my whole life came back to me in flashback. It's better to cover the emotional change like recovering from a failing marriage or fighting with society or anything crucial, which has some power to change your life. That will make it way better, and in the present state it's not worth the time and gets dull at times

It is merely an account of what is where and what was happening outside with Katz's funny stories. It lacks the introspection required with such books in the same genre as Walden and Into the wild and other great books.

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

Although the customs and traditions of that era are gone long, the deep-rooted nature of human nature remains the same. Dilemmas of lovers and their issues with hypocrisy of the  society are still pertinent, makes reading this book even more meaningful.

Nanking by Iris Chang

I can't even read the atrocities done to the Chinese civilians & soldiers, and god knows how they survived such torture and how they live the rest of their after witnessing such Human degradation. What's worse is that the writer committed suicide at the age of 36, indeed something dies inside you if you bring forth such an honest account of a tragedy which none has the stomach to digest.

This book is very disturbing and must be avoided if you have a crisis already in your life and looking for hope rather than becoming hopeless about Human Race.

Super 30 by Anand Kumar

Anand's story is inspiring, we all have that streak to do social work, even I had a similar purpose when I started About Humanity, but in the long run, I could not become as selfless as Mr. Anand Kumar. Distributing winter clothes once in a year is nothing but taking the responsibility of 30 deprived students, and making them financially independent is a step in reducing income inequality. For this, he is worthy of the recognition he is receiving.

It is a little exaggeration to present him as a messiah. Still, undoubtedly he is a very compassionate being, 'who has given back to the society way more than he received.'

"Every book that makes us a better human being is worth reading always."

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

This book changes the way a person thinks, and surely we all are trying to undo our conditioning, but once we read this, we see things at a deeper level, and maybe our state of Happiness is worth questioning. There is so much in our life that we have accepted it as an eternal truth, whereas it is a mere assumption.

Tom and Viv by Michael Hastings

book review

The story of T.S. Eliot touches me. Unfortunately, lovers suffer throughout the world have suffered, no matter how deep their love is, still, circumstances never make matters easy for anyone. Even after 12 years of separation, Viv's devotion was remarkable and brought tears to my eyes.
Must Read is my verdict!


 The immortal life of Henrietta lacks by Rebecca Skloot

There must be so many stories where doctors taking advantage of their esteemed positions mislead Patients and get involved in the negligence case's cover-up. The doctor's integrity is essential for his profession, and I hate to fell what Henrietta s family went through all these years. I appreciate the efforts of Rebecca Skloot for bringing this story to us.

Personal story - This book reminds me of my days with my father during his cancer treatment, we had so many doubts about the incorrect treatment and unfair practices, even though I filed few complaints but an Individual can't find these big hospitals especially when you have a patient who is battling for life, at that moment we can't think of making system better !

This book highlights that sufferers always get noble souls to heal and past haunt each of us in different forms. Must read.


 Me talk pretty one day by David Sedaris

The writer is undoubtedly super funny, the beginning of the book was terrific, with his lisping problem and other school and childhood problems, and as the book moves forward, it turned more of a Stand-up comedy than an insightful memoir, which is the real reason I pick up the book.

The book is suitable for those who want a develop a better sense of humor, and in Mr. Sedaris's words, "Are not in a serious business of reading."


 Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller

Writers aggressive negative tone made me feel he has unleashed his wrath towards the world via this book. He is an inspiration to write the raw form of thoughts irrespective of the way we will be perceived. Fear that our image will be tainted kills the book's creation, and I am not saying vulgarity to be encouraged, but I am in favor of the opinion that we have the freedom to express whatever is within us.

Before reading this book, I mostly tried to harness my emotions and wanted to present them more decently, but now I will try to change. Thanks to #HenryMiller.


 The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

I could only muster the courage to be disliked, and I don't know how people like Ten Boom's manage to become so selfless that they put their own life at risk to save others' lives, and under the same circumstances, I am not sure if I will be able to act so bravely.

Like other prison camp stories, this one has its value and provides hope and inspiration to the right thing. Must Read


 The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

I stumbled upon this book from the millions available. It made me so curious about how a genius like Einstein managed his relationship, who is the best to tell if not his wife. I have no idea how these ambitious and workaholic people balance their life, and do they have time to fall in love?

I did not expect what I found that Albert Einstein was selfish and took all the credit his wife deserved. She had to make sacrifices for his scientific achievements. I am filled with disgust, although some parts of it must be fiction.

Still, even if 50 percent of it can be deduced from Mitza's letters, then it's sufficient to label him as a person who lacked empathy and was incapable of loving anyone but himself.



 The Dutch house by Ann Patchett

A book which explains the full circle of life, why do we get associated with the places and things so much and what is the role of people in our lives, this and much more in terms of relationships—a novel with well defined realistic characters.

A fiction that is as close to reality as possible!


 Know my Name by Chanel Miller

I had no idea that there are so many loopholes in a legal system and what a victim might go through while fighting for justice. A girl who fought for her rights alone for years. She was harassed, abused, and bullied; she still didn't give up and so many sacrifices to pursue her against the crime.

This memoir is a book of hope, and her story deserves to be out in public and will give courage to those who are advised by people not to report a crime!


 Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

Maybe I am biased because I worship Tom Hanks and his movies a lot, especially Cast Away & Forrest Gump. But I like these stories as well, different from the way a writer would have written it, still gripping and meaningful, and I guess the same is expected from him always.


 Girl interrupted by Susana Kaysen

Every memoir that I read, I feel amazed at how beautifully people have described their life and experiences. I always wonder how do they manage this. Each person is going through so many different types of suffering, and I try to grasp every emotion. It was easy to connect to her borderline disorder or to see the sociopath tendencies of Lisa because of the way the book is written; the rawness of the book gave it an edge over other books.

Memoirs are dope, and this one is one of my favorites !


 From Scratch by Tembi Locke

The book is about love, losing that love, and learning to live in its absence !

At first, love is blossomed out of the blue between a Sicilian guy 'Saro' and an American black girl 'Tembi,' and he is outcast from his family because of marrying outside the clan. At last, his death made the stubborn Sicilian realize that we do not marry a nationality or a religion, but a person and in the end family is united when he is no more .........

This memoir is not great but worth reading


Maybe you should talk to someone by Lori Gottlieb

I feel that therapists see TOO MUCH in TOO LITTLE, and the writer is a hypocrite because she continues to be a therapist even when she is receiving treatment herself, this is cheating and unethical.
Apart from the morals issues rest, everything is okay with this book. It's informational and will provide you some revelations about yourself.

book cover

To Shake your sleeping Self by Jedidiah Jenkins

What a book to start 2020, in the beginning, I had doubts about this book, but his cycling is not only riding outside but also the journey within, like in our complexes, weird thoughts, and fears, especially when he contradicts his Christian beliefs about gays.

As the name of the book suggests, I will highly recommend it to all those who are sleepwalking.



The Japanese Wife by Kunal Basu

Its an extraordinary love story of a couple who fell in love without seeing each other, highly improbable most will say, but I firmly believe this fiction is very close to reality.

I guess this is what they call PURE LOVE which is not corrupted by physical attraction.

I read it again and to my surprise, I felt the intense emotions because of his simplistic writing style which is touching and intriguing . Especially the character's connection with the surroundings and his dilemma to explain his feelings in his second language and his trauma to maintain the long-distance relationship with Miyagi and their blind trust towards each other, everything is so marvellous. Lastly, how things change because of his proximity to the widow and her son, and he continuously dreamt about the life he never lived!

I was full of disgust because of the realistic ending, but every word is so apt and meaningful, which makes it a Must-Read for all my reader friends.



The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

Who will believe the fiction can be so beautiful that even real-world loses its charm in comparison. After reading this book I will instead be a character in his imagination rather than living my own life, such is his creation, and we all want to be a part of it, irrespective of the role assigned!

I am madly in love with this book, and I will recommend this to everyone.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig

After a long time, some book has stimulated my thoughts this much, and I have to accept that I did not fully understand the philosophy discussed in it. Till today I thought I am looking for hope in books, but now I feel even reasons can bring contentment which I desperately crave.

In my opinion, every spiritual person will cherish this book and find his thoughts challenging and worth considering. As a writer, he did an excellent job.

The book of Chocolate Saints by Jeet Thayil

A journey of an artist is full of difficulties and the same is with the painter & poet 'Xavier' and dilemma's that every artist face and the process of arriving at creation is intriguing and very is well captured in the book.

Artists are unable to digest the hypocrisy of the materialistic world, so I feel their ART is mostly the voice against the set norms of the society if we consider such aspects then he is a saint otherwise this book can also be named as 'the book of chocolate artists'

In comparison to his first book 'narcopolis', this book is way better. It's written in the interview form taken by Dismas Bambai and others, and this is the masterstroke.

death With Interruptions by Jose Saramago

I can't accept this work from a Nobel winner or the writer who wrote 'BLINDNESS' the book that mesmerised me so much. I understand fiction, but this is the kind of tale where its unable to forget that it is the figment of the writer's imagination, a desperate attempt to create something similar to his masterwork.

North to Normal by Cea Sunrise Person

I live in a world where everyone wants to be extraordinary so for me it was difficult to accept that someone wants to be Normal ! Although I have read 'Educated' and 'The Glass Castle' and I know it's unfair to compare these books because their journey has been very different and every individual's experience is worth reading. The only similarity is that they survived difficult upbringing.

So go for this book, a must-read for city cocoons who think life is all about earning comforts !

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

I am always filled with disgust when I read great Painters like Vermeer, Van Gogh were not appreciated during their lifetime, and they lived under such circumstances that even their survival was in question. This book tells us about the dilemmas & pressures of the painter, and it's one of the best books I ever read.

The story behind the birth of the painting 'Girl with a pearl earring' makes the art even more precious !

Atonement by Ian McEwan

I haven't met a person yet who doesn't want to erase anything from the past. We all brood about something or the other and few like me are full of regrets. This book tells us about the different circumstances that lead to growing up of our young writer Briony, and how eventually she learns to accept her mistakes and take responsibility for her actions and also develop in her profession.

It's a mind-blowing book which everyone must read !

Celestial Bodies by Jokha Alharthi

This book deserves Man Booker, even though so many characters make it a difficult read still I feel that the effort is worth the enormous wisdom shared in this book. We all live with different dreams and have various notions to fulfil it.

It's so easy to get lost in her words so get on the roller coaster and experience her world.

Valencia by Michelle Tea

I read this memoir just to know what kind of life people live there, this book is merely informational and not very insightful !

No doubt life there is pretty open, she casually decides to become a prostitute one day and they can easily pursue a same-gender relationship and also hop from one relationship to another with ease. Because of her amateur writing style, I did not feel any pain she felt rather it was like watching a movie just to see the end, will she move on in the end or stay in this dilemma phase.

Read only if you are curious to know their world like me, else skip

Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi

The writer is no doubt very intellectual and I like the way she connected her life and the life of the students with books like LOLITA, Pride and Prejudice and also with writers like Saul Bellow & Jane Austen & few more....

The only thing unattractive is lots of information about useless activities and unnecessary detail which will bore you a little. This is the first time I feel that the packaging of the content is equally important.

I will not recommend it to anyone because it's not very interesting!

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

I have witnessed the birth and demise of my relationships and often wondered what could be the possible reasons. So I could easily connect to this book.

If you feel that books can be insightful and accumulation of such knowledge can help you understand various scenarios and deep down if you still harbour the romantic notion that eventually, the other part of you (life partner) will sweep you off your feet then this book is undoubtedly for you.

In the early chapters, I felt a bit of exaggeration about the events, but still, it was so gripping and a perfect escape from reality which I often prefer, as if a dope for addicted readers but because of the thoughtful ending my entire outlook towards the book changed. I think this book is as good as 'Siddharta' by Herman Hesse and even better than the imaginary world of Nicholas Sparks.

Before we were yours by Lisa Wingate

I have deep sympathy for the children who suffered in such facilities. Still, historical fiction is fiction and different from memoirs. The story is epic, but the justice is not done to it, the emotional side of every character is missing, and the writer is too hard to add thrill or twist and turns.

Skip this one !!!

You think it, I 'll say it by Curtis  Sittenfeld

After reading so many ancient writers, I guess reading the stories about the people of today was a relief. Her writing is not very deep but emotional, and she did an excellent job in highlighting the insecurities, complexes and Gender issues. Her boldness reminds me of short stories by Saadat Hassan Manto, not that there is any comparison possible yet, but I bet she is on the right path to explore our inscrutable feelings and I would like to read more on this subject.

Go for this book if you are not reading anything already!

The Story of My Life by Helen Keller

Well, what can I say about her challenging life, I am amazed how did she survive and overcome such difficulties. She pursued education and read so many books. She was not blessed with normal life, but at least she received help, kindness and emotional support from so many people, including great inventors like Dr Graham Bell.

A Fine Family by Gurcharan Das

Stories of partition have always touched me whether its ‘Toba Tek Singh’ by Manto or ‘Train to Pakistan’ by Khushwant Singh or Gulzar's Short stories. All these tragedies are similar to the story of my grandfather, who left his Home and farms in Pakistan and came to India, and he also told me how his entire savings were taken during the journey.

While reading this book, I felt the pain of the countless women who were physically abused, these incidents prove that deep down every individual is filled with FILTH and they exercise their power when they know they know that they will not be punished.

I feel “Its not the MORALS that is stopping people from doing the wrong thing but the FEAR of LAW.”

Wonder by R J Palacio

Well, this book did make me cry in the end but then I wish I could see the world with this much optimism! In this world where beauty is everything, I can’t even imagine how a kid with a deformity can survive. Most of us (including me) are concerned with our appearance so much and reading his words make me question how much empathy is deeply embedded in us!
Never heard of such school where sensitivity is given so much importance but if such places exist then students there must consider themselves lucky. Well, a bit of exaggeration is acceptable and I will read it to my niece for sure.

Fountainhead BY Ayn Rand

As we all live in our psychological world, she took me in a trance where the greatness is discouraged because its different from the present norms of the society. No doubt its a masterpiece because of the variety and the depth of each character and on the top of it, is a complicated love story. Her view on selfishness and the psyche of an artist is incredible.

I bet most of the readers will be terrified by the thickness of the book, but I like it, and if you really want to develop a better understanding about our hidden desires and intrigued by antisocial behaviour then you might find some answers

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

I am nobody to write about this book, I guess do not understand it completely, but yes it was bigger and better than fountainhead. I hope creators at present are considering her words.

NO doubt its ayn rand’s magnum opus and also an eye-opener for me. I want all my friends and readers to must read this greatest work in fiction.

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

While sitting in my room, the writer took me to the Everest, well not only there but into the lives of the climbers, their reasons to follow this obsession, their Willingness to risk their lives to conquer mountains and sacrifice of others to save another being……………
…. What more u can ask for from a book.
"We all have our own ways to break the monotony of our life” insight into this disaster is the journey we all must take to see, where we stand because when the time comes and we have to LET-GO this life, then maybe we realise the futility of our actions !! (My Perspective)

The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

A Love story born under the circumstances created by Hatred, I felt their urge to survive, everyone is trying so hard to make themselves useful. Everything about is great

I will recommend this book to all

Schindlers List

He is a legend, what can I say about Oscar Schindler, who risked his life and Family to save Jews. His strategies like 'To Pardon Is Power' gain to save a life, his sympathy for the sufferers.

"Power reveals our true Nature, either it makes us a better human being or a Devil who burns people alive".

The writer has done justice to the story. I will recommend this book to all

The Stranger by Albert Camus

Short but a very meaningful book, questions raised in this book are valid even today, people can't judge you if u don't express grief like the rest of the society and also if you don't want to live as per the norms created by others.

My favourite quote from the book is
"Living as he did, like a corpse, he couldn't even be sure of being alive. It might look as if my hands were empty. Actually, I was sure of myself, sure about everything, far surer than he; sure of my present life and of the death that was coming."

I will recommend this book to all the wandering souls on this earth

On the road by Jack Kerouac

This book is 'One hell of a ride' to explore our suppressed emotions and many more things, and I wish I could experience such thrilling journeys on the road. The depth of friendship between Dean and Sal is so finely described with ups and downs, the way these maniacs do their unplanned travels is genuinely fantastic, I will be in love with this book for the rest of my life, probably deep down I crave to live life like that but the culture and structure of the society is very different in India.
Characters and urges are so finely woven that the reader feels the depth and intensity of every word and emotion. I guess travelling, talking, reading & writing are the ways to know yourself in different situations. This continuous process of asking myself, "WHAT MAKES ME ME" is tedious and frustrating, but in the long run, we will have fewer conflicts in our MInd. Spiritual content shared is very soothing to the soul, and it pushes you to leave your comfort zone & fears and run naked in the forest.

This book is a must-read before you die.

The Architect's Apprentice by Elif Shafak

This Historical Fiction book shows the emotional side of the Architect and his four apprentices, just like the writer's other book "40 rules of Love" characters consider their profession as a work of God and dedicate the heart and soul to perform it. This book is stretched a bit to reveal feelings, love and connection between individuals. The only thing great about this book is the ending because it justifies the sufferings of the character Jahan, that he participated in the creation of the Iconic symbol of Love "Taj Mahal."

Readers have the option to read Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which also shows the inner turmoil of the architect but in a better manner in less number of pages and is enormously rich in content.

In My Skin by Kate Holden

I highly recommend this over any other fictional book because it covers the essential questions of our life. Most importantly, we all need to know is "how to overcome addiction" be it any kind, ranging from substance use to physical desires. It took me very long to finish it because there is no point reading it unless you feel the urges of the protagonist, so I had to find a way to relate to the content which was being discussed. The frame of mind is equally important to appreciate every memoir.

Kate did an excellent job in expressing her thought process, although she chose the hardest way to 'learn to survive' in this world. No one can imagine by choice of her profession that she might come out with such flying colours. This book teaches hope and optimism, which is still the sole reason why I read books.

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I admire her courage to stand up against her religion, in India people don't even dare to speak against the Traditions which are of no value in today's World still; they carry on regardless because they are afraid to say 'NO'. Her exceptional journey must be inspiring so many people all over the world, every bit of her struggle in Holland, her survival in refugee camps, especially when the entire world is telling you that you are 'wrong' and deep-down u can hold on to your Faith & Judgement, then nothing can stop you from living life on your terms.

Read this book and learn to put forward your opinions in society.

They Poured Fire on Us from the sky written by 3 lost boys of Sudan

Every individual's journey is important but this one is even more significant because it involves losing a family, witnessing the death of friends and cousins, bearing the pain of separation that too in starvation. I guess it's a miracle how these boys survived the hell of long walks in dangerous forests and unfair beating and biased treatment from the soldiers. At last, the heaven of education and a better life was offered to them.

We all must read this book and feel the pain and sufferings of the War Victims and show empathy to the refugees around us.

Nector In the Sieve by Kamala Mrakandaya

We all know how poor people live in India, we see them every day. Still reading this made me realize that their suffering is beyond my imagination. This book reminds me of great stories like The Good Earth.

I like it, but this book not for the people, who read for inspiration. Book tells us, how relations are developed and lost as per circumstances in Life.

Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse

I am not sure if I understand everything, still, I know this book is deep and spiritual like his other book Siddhartha. I will not compare the books but I contradict those who say that this book represents a sadistic approach to Life, totally incorrect! rather it shows insightful ways to live a meaningful life.

The writer has pointed out flaws in social machinery, absurd conversations, routine jobs, fake relations and many more !!! unfortunately we don't think beyond career growth or increasing personal wealth these days.

Must read for all the ambitious people who think work will give contentment

Gora BY Tagore

This Book is a excellent work, and few writers can skillfully bring together, so many different ideologies and opinions and he also defined each character down to the last detail. I feel that it covers the issues of the 19th century and I guess in 20th-century casteism is replaced by Career and Society is replaced by Social Network. I wish someone like Tagore can shed light on these rampant issues.

Well if you wanna know about India’s culture then its a really good book.

One hundred years of solitude By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Generation after generation, the world goes on, but individuals live life as per their own belief. Like in this family, some men and women stood upright and never compromised their principles and others in the same family tree couldn’t control the needs or maybe couldn’t distinguish between love and lust. I am always interested in how people behave in different circumstances. This book is truly rich in content and makes u think that many were here before you and many will come after and most importantly NOTHING STAYS forever. Must read


'The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls'

Before reading this book, I used to think that life in India is difficult, but now after reading this book and also the book ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover, I think, its less about the country but more about the Family we are born in and circumstances we face! People all over the world have to cope up with something or the other, sometimes its an alcoholic father or abusive brother or pervert family member or our demons. This journey from childhood until we ripe as an adult, is excellently written by Jeannette Walls.
I will recommend this book to the entire World !!!!! because of the story as well as the way it's written if absolutely amazing.


'Animal's People by Indra Sinha'

I have deep sympathy for the sufferers, and I know that poor class is deprived of necessities, especially in the villages of India! This struggle of Animal against the evils of the society, side by side his emotional turmoil and his understanding of the ever-increasing desires and also how he justifies his foolish acts is marvellous!

This book gives us a real account of our suspicious nature, our greed and the tendency of people to exploit others but the bonding among these victims is extreme as if they know that their interdependence is essential for their survival. Apart from these harsh realities, these hungry people do not lose their Empathy, Sensitivity, Love and continue to unite for the Cause of 'Justice'. I guess such qualities are rare even in the educated working class of India.



'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce'


Another book that will make you question the way we live life,  well Harold, a retired guy who felt unappreciated and disappointed, suddenly decides to take an extraordinary journey and while pursuing this long walk he unfolds the different layers of his past and one by one untangle his life. It's about knowing your Self Worth

I highly recommend it to all the people who live under the illusion that life is just about developing career & earning comforts.

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

Thought provoking book, such books make me a better person. Life is much more than this routine and the element of surprise in life might turn our life upside down so we need to live in today and in present. DEATH is so intriguing and Mr George presented this aftermath and emotions of Mr president... Everything about his imagination is so real.

I will recommend this book to almost everyone (except the beginners because they might lose interest in magical realism)



'Em and The Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto'

I like the newness in this book, mostly Indian writers kill the originality of emotions expressed in Hindi language just because International readers will not connect to such words but Mr Pinto did a fine job in capturing the feelings in the local language as well as behaviour of Individuals in India whether its with the patients or with the dead body. Every scene narrated by him appears real to me, hospital visits and frustrations of the family members is very very genuine !!! 

Its time we give the recognition to Mr. Jerry Pinto for writing this fine book 



'The Lilac House by Anita Nair'

 In comparison to her Book 'Ladies coupe', this book not that great. Because I like that book and the profound message highlighted in it, probably that's the reason I chose this one, but I struggled to finish it perhaps because of the simple story and the apparent ending of the book.

Our time on earth is limited, so we can't read everything that is written so Skip this one !!!!


'My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult'

An extraordinary journey of a family, which is stuck in extreme circumstances, we all have to make difficult decisions but the matters involving "life and death" will undoubtedly bring Trauma to a thirteen-year-old child (Anna). Exaggeration of involvement by certain characters reminded me that I am reading Fiction because in Real World people do not give a damn about your welfare, rest the foundation of the story and description of the sufferings of a cancer patient is very genuine. Reminded me of my last days with my father and its a big deal to me.

I believe in this deep bonding, and intense connection between sisters and brothers and also agree that certain people are forced to live their life differently because of the situations. The book becomes meaningful only when we place ourselves in the shoes of the protagonist, and if a writer can do that, then the book is worth reading, and Jodi Picoult did an excellent job according to me.

Yes, I will recommend it to all my friends & especially to my family.


'The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger'

I like Holden's view about people & his acute observation about snobbish behaviour and how he hates all the PHONY people, this book also reminds me of Swami & friends by R.K. Narayan, how Swami was thrown out of every school just like holden, but holden has a high intellect, and his concern for his younger sister Phoebe is very touching, we all wish for such selfless Love. His relation with Ackley and incident with Sunny is nicely written, its as if the writer has done justice to every character.

I mostly like coming-of-age books although To Kill a Mocking Bird is still at the top, but the next one is this book. I recommend it to all the readers like me, who believe BOOKS are much more than mere entertainment.


'Call me by your name by Andre Aciman '

This book is remarkable, the way he expressed love in its purest form (‘even if its for the same gender’, I apologize to mention it, but my intent is just to point out that “it was little difficult for me to Imagine) and also shown the obsessive and physical side along with a very strong desire to preserve all the memories.

Those of us who are looking for hope may not find it in this book, and it might prepare you for the harsh realities of life.


'Youth  by J.M. Coetzee'

"I do not know how he does that! Again this book is as good as his other book DISGRACE, he takes me to his world and I live his words as if it's my life, well his concerns like "quest of the soul" & "needs of the body" are so relevant that it makes me feel that his answers might help me in my life.
People do not tell what they feel, but through books, we can gain insight. I read to find answers and no doubt his writings is so rich in experience, primarily what he writes about Love and Loss. I wish I could write like him because I have a lot to say to the world, but I have a long way to go, to learn to write these emotions in words and make it understandable.

I recommend this book to all the readers

'A place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza.'

It's sporadic to find such book which tells a reader, so minutely about someone’s spiritual journey, every line is so meaningful, and every emotion is felt before writing, every word is cherished, and she lived this book before bringing it to this world. I am deeply touched by how she defined such complicated relationships and diverse Human Nature

'Milkman by Anna Burns'

We all hate these gossips, which our relatives, neighbours & the rest of the society is so much interested in! I never understood why these sick people spread rumours about others, whereas I refrain from expressing opinions about others, always telling myself "who am I to judge"

This book gives us a glimpse of how society is affecting the lives of so many individuals and how much people care about their reputation. I gave three stars because I live in India & I am alien to the culture which the writer is talking about but if someone writes Indian version of this story then probably I can relate more.

'The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah'

The best part is that real events inspire the story… That lady Andree helped pilots to escape Nazi territory is commendable, I have heard war changes people, but through this book, we can understand HOW.. my only issue with the book is an exaggeration of so many things made it fictitious, various twist and turns are just planted to keep us on edge. I didn’t feel it in other war books like Night by Elie Wiesel or man’s search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

  • Buddha by Deepak Chopra


It’s a beautiful book which took me in trance, I experienced every situation that Buddha felt and understood his teachings.

Deeply moved and touched by this well-written Novel





  • Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri


A heartfelt fiction covered the gamut of Human Emotions. It’s a must-read for readers all types of Readers.






  • Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.



The story of an orphan Pip who faces extreme situations.

The best part is a well-thought-out Plot twist and amazing Characters




  • Bachelor of Arts by R K Narayan. 


Novel which depicts Indian values and troubles faced by youngsters when parents put pressure on them to make a career. A must read Classic Book




  • White Tiger by Aravind Adiga


It’s a debut novel by Aravind Adiga, his character ‘Balram halwai’ who gets astonished by technological advancement and later on poised by these comforts decides to kill his master. Eventually, it’s a satire to Indian Law and corruption.




  • The Great Gatsby by author F. Scott Fitzgerald


The great American Dream of Nick Carraway is devastated when he realizes that “Grass is always green on the other side”. It’s a Masterpiece of Fitzgerald.





  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.


Worth reading & implementing this Book. My favourite is ‘WIN-Win’ because it was out the Box and it breaks our conditioning that "if one will win then others will lose".


  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Richard Bach


What a book, it shows the youth revolting against society. In seagulls society flying was restricted to get food but he started enjoying flying so he was thrown out of the society.

Life Changing Experience. Don’t miss this book



  • How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Being introvert I always had trouble making a friend but after reading it, I found it really easy to start conversations. Beneficial for all.





  • The Secret By Ronda Byrne

Its all about your thoughts, every thought send vibrations to the universe and same come back to you in return. In short, if you will think good then everything will be in your favour






  • Stay Alive All Your Life by Dr Norman Vincent Peale


This book is as good as “Power of positive thinking”. Every time I read this author I feel motivated but after few days I forget all I learned. I guess practising these things every day is required.



  • Think on these things by J. Krishnamurti

Mr Krishnamurti not only raised valid questions but also answered them well. His questions on our Education System, Conditioning and also on Ambition.




  • Overcoat by Nikolia GOGOL


A clerk who is living hand to mouth, because every 1 was making fun of him so he decides to buy an overcoat. It's really touching how little adjustments he make to afford that basic necessity. It made me sensitive towards my office staff.





  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


After reading it I realized how presumptuous I was, we all are prejudiced in some way or the other. Darcy and Elizabeth at first hated each other, as the time passes they realized their LOVE.



  • Animal Farm by George Orwell


It’s a satire to the Stalin era. From the simple story of pigs and other farm animals, Orwell explained political moves before the 2nd world war.





  • No full stops in India by Mark Tully


Many writers concentrated their writing career on India, it’s a satire to Indian thinking pattern







  • Home and the World by Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore describes human emotions in depth so every character becomes alive. Touched by "Vande Mataram" and his in-depth analysis of the emotions of Vimla and Sandeep Babu.




  • 'Life of Pi'

is a fantastic story of a boy, his revolutionary nature of questioning Belief's of Religion and curiosity to find out.

It's interesting how life brings circumstances to our life that we completely change our nature. His father taught the protagonist that animals don't think and what we see in their eyes is the reflection of our own emotions as it is universally proven that we learn from our personal Experience rather than other's words. Same way 'Pi' at first was terrified by the Tiger because of his childhood Devastating memory of the tiger eating Goat but seeing no other alternative he faced him every day and eventually Hunger overcome Fear and the new secret is revealed, and a friendship develops between the two because of the sufferings. The boy wanted someone to talk, and tiger needed food, and both had to stay alive.

Moral of the story comes out of our 'narrow thinking' that gestures must be expressed the way we want. Just because Tiger didn't look back at the time of separation, Pi assumed that their friendship was not real. In my opinion, animals are not taught to express our Ways.

Its Human invention that merely looking back has become a symbol of 'LOVE and BONDING'. Tiger lived harmoniously on the Boat with Pi and slept in his Lap is enough evidence their Mutual Bonding."If we want that 'Love' must be expressed 'the way we want' then mostly we will be unable to feel It"