Books Review

  • Buddha by Deepak Chopra


It’s a beautiful book which took me in trance, I experienced every situation that Buddha felt and understood his teachings.

Deeply moved and touched by this well written Novel





  • Namesake by Jhumpa lahiri


A heartfelt fiction, covered the gamut of Human Emotions. It’s a must read for readers all types of Readers.






  • Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.



Story of an orphan Pip who face extreme situations.

Best part is well thought-out Plot twist and amazing Characters




  • Bachelor of Arts by R K Narayan. 


Novel which depicts indian values and troubles faced by youngsters when parents put pressure on them to make career. A must read Classic Book




  • White Tiger by Aravind Adiga


It’s a debut novel by Aravind Adiga, his character ‘Balram halwai’ who gets astonished by technological advancement and later on poised by these comforts decides to kill his master. Eventually it’s a satire to Indian Law and corruption.




  • The Great Gatsby by author F. Scott Fitzgerald


The great American Dream of Nick Carraway is devastated when he realize that “Grass is always green on the other side”. It’s a Masterpiece of Fitzgerald.





  • Seven habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.


Worth reading & implementing this Book . My favorite is ‘WIN-Win’ because it was out the Box and it breaks our conditioning that "if one will win then other will lose".


  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Richard Bach


What a book, it shows the youth revolting against the society. In seagulls society flying was restricted to get food but he started enjoying flying so he was thrown out of the society.

Life changing Experience. Don’t miss this book



  • How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Being introvert I always had trouble making friend but after reading it, I found it really easy to start conversations. Beneficial for all.





  • The Secret By Ronda Byrne

Its all about your thoughts, every thought send vibrations to the universe and same come back to you in return. In short if you will think good then everything will be in your favor






  • Stay Alive All Your Life by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale


This book is as good as “Power of positive thinking”. Every time I read this author I feel motivated but after few days I forget all I learned. I guess practicing these things every day is required.



  • Think on these things by J. Krishnaurti

Mr Krishnamurti not only raised valid questions but also answered them well. His questions on our Education System, Conditioning and also on Ambition.




  • Overcoat by Nikolia GOGOL


A clerk who is living hand to mouth, because every 1 was making fun of him so he decides to buy a overcoat. Its really touching how little adjustments he make to afford that basic necessity. It made me sensitive towards my office staff.





  • Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen


After reading it I realized how presumptuous I was, we all are prejudiced in some way or the other. Darcy and Elizabeth at first hated each other, as the time passes they realized their LOVE.



  • Animal Farm by George Orwell


It’s a satire to stalin era. From the simple story of pigs and other farm animals, orwell explained political moves before 2nd world war.





  • No full stops in India by Mark Tully


Many writers concentrated their writing career on India, it’s a satire to Indian thinking pattern







  • Home and the World by Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore describes human emotions in depth so every character becomes alive. Touched by "vande matram" and his in depth analysis of the emotions of Vimla and Sandeep Babu.




  • 'Life of pi'

is an amazing story of a boy, his revolutionary nature of questioning Belief's of Religion and curiosity to find out.

Its interesting how life bring circumstances to our life that we completely change our own nature. The protagonist was taught by his father that animals dont think and what we see in their eyes is the reflection of our own emotions. As it is universally proven that we learn from our own Experience rather than other's words. Same way 'Pi' at first was terrified by the Tiger because of his childhood Devastating memory of the tiger eating Goat but seeing no other alternative he faced him everyday and eventually Hunger overcome Fear and the new secret is revealed and friendship develop between the two because of the sufferings. Boy wanted someone to talk and tiger needed food and both had to stay alive.

Morale of the story comes out of our 'narrow thinking' that gestures must be expressed the way we want. Just because Tiger dint look back at the time of separation, Pi assumed that their friendship was not real. In my opinion animals are not taught to express our Ways.

Its Human invention that merely looking back has become a symbol of 'LOVE and BONDING'. Tiger lived harmoniously on the Boat with Pi and slept in his Lap is enough evidence their Mutual Bonding."If we want that 'Love' must be expressed 'the way we want' then mostly we will be unable to feel It"